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6.June 2002

Killed by lightning
[Marta Jung]

The premiere of the Yevgeniy Yufits film "Killed by lightning" took place yesterday in Moscow Museum of cinema. The action of the film is unfolding not in the real world, but in subconsciousness of the heroine, professor of anthropology.
The woman-anthropologist researches roots of the human evolution. Psychic childhood trauma, caused by the death of her father, the captain of a submarine, in the W.W.II, periodically throws her out of balance. Phantoms of the prehistorical past and father's violent death collide in the scientist's subconsciousness and bring to life an unexpected theory of human evolution.
Yevgeniy Yufit was born in 1961 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In the early 1980s he began working as a painter and art photographer. In 1985 he set up the first independent film studio in Russia, Mzhalala Film, which brought together artists, writers, directors and others sympathetic to radical aesthetic experimentation. At this studio Yufit made a number of films which have been shown at the world's major film festivals including Montreal, Locarno, Toronto, Rotterdam, and Moscow. His film Papa, "Father Frost Is Dead" was awarded the Grand Prix at the Rimini Film Festival in Italy. Yufit's films and photographs have been shown in major exhibitions of contemporary Russian art since 1985, at the State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf; Kunstverein, Hannover; The Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City; MOMA, New York. Works by Yufit are to be found in museums, galleries and private collections both in Russia and abroad.

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