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10.October 2002

St.Petersburg Autumn Photo Marathon
[Dimitri Pilikin]

Regina Schmecken - Koeln Juny 1999, Girls choeur near Koeln cathedralFestival "St. Petersburg Autumn Photo Marathon" this year will pass from 15 Octobers till 15 December and will carry a subheading "Berlin Autumn in St. Petersburg".Cooperation with St.Petersburg brunch of Goethe institute to allow a number of exhibitions from Germany: "New centre. Germany 1989-2000" by Regina Schmeken, "Augenblicke. Augenzeugen - Bilder aus Berlin" by OSTKREUZ foto agency, "Man without qualities" by Matthias Waehner. Berlin and Germany will appear like their have seen russian photographers: Andrey Chezhin, Harf Zimmermann (Ostkreuz foto agency) - The rests of Wall on Potsdamer PlatzDmitry Shubin, Alexander Kitaev, Igor Lebedev and the others. Festival will be accompanied of video films about Berlin (for example, film of Walter Ruttmann "Sinfonie of Great City") and club party events.
Except "Berlin" block in the frames of the festival will be possible to see photographic projects of different directions and genres.

Official site of the St.Petersburg Autumn Photo Marathon

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