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13.August 2002
Actual art

Emplacements on the Red Flag Knitwear Factory
[Dimitri Pilikin]

Emplacements on the Red Flag Knitwear FactoryThe Red Flag Factory will host a unique international event of contemporary art by the pioneering emplacements project. Twenty artists from the UK, Western Europe and Russia will develop work in response to their experience of the factory, its history, environment, architectural significance and the people who work there.
Emplacements is an artist-led cross-cultural collaborative project initiated in 1997 by Francoise Dupre and Roxane Permar. Since this time they have worked together with artists, curators and critics to organise events in London and St Petersburg. In the summer of 2000 the emplacements project enabled the people of St Petersburg to gain access to the historic site of New Holland for the only time in its 300 year history.
This year the artists have had access to the Red Flag Factory from 1st August. They have been making artwork in response to its workers, its history and its architecture, in particular the part of the factory designed by the internationally recognised architect, Erich Mendelsohn. Visitors will be able to see installations of sculpture, video, sound, mixed media and photography on the 19th and 20th August.
The Russian curator Dimitri Pilikin has collaborated with emplacements to select artists from St Petersburg. Artists from the UK and Europe are bringing the experience of their home bases, including London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Shetland and Manchester. Major links have been made with the city of Manchester.
The emplacements project in St Petersburg raises issues integral to the contemporary context of urban regeneration, labour history and current debates around the protection of historical industrial buildings.
There will be simultaneous events in Manchester and St Petersburg during August. Further events will take place in the autumn 2002 and spring/summer 2003. Partner organisations in Manchester include a working textiles mill, C.U.B.E. (the Centre for the Urban and Built Environment), the Manchester City Council and the Manchester Art Gallery.

The project is supported by major arts bodies and universities in the UK and Germany, including the British Council, the Arts Council of England (Northwest), the Ikon Gallery (Birmingham), the Scottish Arts Council, Hi-Arts and Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Central Lancashire, the University of Central England, Royal Holloway (University of London) and the University of Westminster. Manchester City Council and Birmingham City Council are also supporting the project.
In Russia the project is supported by the St Petersburg City Administration, the Komitet for the Preservation and Use of Monuments of History and Culture (GIOP), the St Petersburg office of the British Council, the Directorate of the OFO "Red Flag Factory", the Independent Programme of the Centre for Museum Pedagogy and Children's Creativity of the State Russian Museum.

Participants: Bardosignetikcube (Sergey Matveev, Igor Potzukajlo), Ludmila Belova, Stevie Bezencenet, Igor Baskin, Sergey Denisov, Susan Brind and Jim Harold, Francoise Dupre, Alexey Garev, Irina Golovenok, Olga Kisseleva, Olga Kononihina, Andrea Lamest, Igor Lebedev, New Basis (Alexander Streletz, Eugeny Tukin), Gail Pearce, Roxane Permar, Dimitry Pilikin, Emma Rushton and Derek Tyman, Dmitry Shubin, TEA (Jon Biddulph, Peter Hatton, Val Murray, Lynne Pilling), Oleg Yanushevsky.

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