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20.May 2002
Actual art

An open call for artists to take part in the Free Manifesta

FREE MANIFESTA is an open exhibition of non-commercial artworks to be held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from May 24 to August 25, 2002.
Any artist interested may participate with such works as ephemeral installations, guerrilla performances, interactions, derives, situations, giveaways, ambulatory declamations, parties, neo-happenings, apartment shows, guided experiences, screenings, projections, mail art, downloadable music, web-based work, etc. The artworks will be produced independently and presented in public places throughout the Frankfurt area, including mass media: e.g. the Internet, broadcasting, telephone, mail.
FREE MANIFESTA is a project of the artist Sal Randolph, who will be an official participant in the European biennial Manifesta 4 .
It is intended as an experiment in creating a social network of artists - a gift economy, which would function as an alternative to the traditional forms of exhibition in commercial and institutional contexts.
Entries will be accepted until June 30. The guidelines for artists and the required entry form can be found at www.freemanifesta.org.

Sal Randolph

FREE MANIFESTA - www.freemanifesta.org

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