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23.July 2002

Contemporary British Art from the Paragon Press "In print"

Anna Akhmatova Museum of St.Petersburg, July 23 - September 15
Exhibition of prints by 24 acclaimed British artists widely showing in the UK as well as abroad, organised by the British Council, will be open today in Anna Akhmatova Museum. The works are made in a technique which is not familiar to the artists who thus have opened a new field for experiments and expanded the possibilities in print-making. The series of works selected for the exhibition were made under the imprint of Paragon Press publishing firm. Charles Booth-Clibborn who owns the company suggested they make a series of prints with him. He recognised that new printing and digital technologies could transform this most traditional of media, making it a natural testbed for experimentation (eg Adam Lowe's prints that incorporate traces left by cosmic ray activity). Or that controversially, it offered unique opportunities to artists to expand and enhance their usual practice (eg Gary Hume's magnificent series of Spring Angels).
Most importantly, the Paragon Press has allowed the work of a whole range of British artists to be more widely known, appreciated and acquired than would otherwise have been the case. By inviting artists from across the spectrum - from abstract painters such as Patrick Heron and Terry Frost through the 'New In printSculptors' represented by Richard Deacon, Bill Woodrow and Anish Kapoor to conceptual artists such as Cerith Wyn Evans and Anya Gallaccio, - Paragon Press is admirable catholic, reminding us that good art survives fashion and always has something new to offer, no matter at what date it was made, or what age the artist.
Most artists in the exhibitions are known to the wide audience as members of the acclaimed YBA movement (Young British Artsists), later known as BritArt, which emerged in 1988 after Damian Hirst have invited some of his Goldsmith fellow students to be in Freeze show. Some were winners or nominees of the prestigious Turner Prize.

source - British Council

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