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18.April 2002

Sixth Sergey Kuriokhin International Festival (SKIF-6)

Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival SKIF-6 will take place in LDM (Leningrad’s Palace of Youth) on April, 25 - 28. On several stages there will be the concerts of musicians from England, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Czech, Hungary, Holland, Finland and USA, Ukraine, Belorus, Baltic republics and Russia.
All the space of the concert part of the venue will represent the performances of theatrical and dancing collectives, art and a photo exhibition, workshops and masterclass. The special program of cinema of Iran and the video program will be shown in two halls. Within two days there will be an Avant guard fashion show with participation of designers of Germany, England, St. Petersburg, Moscow and regions. The participation of young collectives of Saint Petersburg, Moscow and other regions of Russia in the festival is a tradition.
Two first festival SKIF-1 and SKIF-2 were held in New York in 1997 and 1998. The third festival SKIF-3 happened in October, 1998 in Russia, Saint Petersburg. Over two hundred collectives from East and Western Europe, USA, Japan, Scandinavia, Baltic, Australia and Russia have participated in SKIF-3, SKIF-4 (April 2000) and SKIF-5 (April 2001).
During realization of festivals SKIF many famous musicians and artists from all over the world have taken part in it: Terry Riley, Keith and Julie Tippett, Moscow Art Trio, Faust, Lars Hollmer, Michel Berkmans, Frank London, Keshavan Maslak, Otomo Yoshihide, Theo Loevendie, Kimmo Pohjonen, Frank London, Je Chun Park, Shelley Hirsch, Pierre Moerlen's Gong, Vladimir Tarasov, Anatoly Vapirov, Valentine Ponomareva, Alim Kasymov, Chico Freeman, Hans Reichel, Rudiger Carl, Thurston Moore, Klezmatics, Vyacheslav Gajvoronsky and others.
Festivals SKIF became large annual event in cultural life of Saint Petersburg and Russia where there was no permanent festival of modern art until recently.
The information on festival SKIF-5 is placed on a site of fund to the address: www.kuryokhin.com and republikavega.narod.ru

Organizing committee of festival

General Producer – Anastasia Kuryokhina, the president of Public Welfare fund of Sergey Kuryokhin since 1996, the director of the sound recording Company "Popular Mechanics" engaged in release of music of Sergey Kuryokhin. Kuryokhinfond@mail.ru
Art director - Alexey Pljusnin, the musician, since 1998 participates in the organization of festivals SKIF artdirector@kuryokhin.com
Artistic director - Alexander Kan, the journalist of the BBC, London, since 1997 participates in the organization of festivals SKIF alexander.kan@bbc.co.uk
Artistic director - Pavel Litvinov, the musician, since 1998 participates in the organization of festivals SKIF litvinov_pavel@mail.ru

The list of some of participants of SKIF-6:

Peter Brotzman (Germany) – a legendary free Jazz saxophonist
Maharaji (India) – Enchanting gypsy collective
Songdog (Great Britain) – "from Genesis to Revelation + Jacques Brel"
Fratelli Mancuso (Italy) – Duet from Sardinia, playing the ancient music of the Mediterranean
Reform Art Unit + S.Murray (Austria/USA) – free Jazz collective, exists from middle 60ies + legendary American drummer
Vermicelli Orchestra (St.Petertsburg) – instrumental art-world-rock orchestra
Veda Hille (Canada) – "Canadian Joni Mitchell in accompaniment of K.-H.Stockhausen"
Huutajat (Finland) – chorus of 35 shouting men
Michel Doneda/Michel Raji/Le Quan Ninh (France) – improvising music + the dancer
Eugene Chadbourne (USA) – One of the most original guitarists in the world
Kluster (Finland) – new project of the accordion virtuoso Kimmo Pohjonen
Nash the Slash (Canada) – the violinist (played with many stars - Iggy Pop, Gary Numan) in support of film of F.Murnau "Nosferatu"
Kampec Dolores (Hungary) – rock-in-opposition
Steamboat Switzerland (Switzerland) – new wave of a free Jazz, Avant rock
Mother Tongue (France) – the charming singer – experimenter, multimedia artist
It is Necessary to Think (St.Petertsburg) – improvising Jazz music
Tanquam (Yaroslavlj) – instrumental music
Ground/Lift (Austria) – improvising duo
Palinckx (Netherlands) – One of the most complex and exciting avant-garde rock groups from the Netherlands
Totalitarian Music Sect (St.Petertsburg) – new wave of a free Jazz, Avant rock
Natasha Artemova (St.Petertsburg) – art naive
Laterna Magica (St.Petertsburg) – Ensemble of ancient music
H.-E. Gedeke (Germany) – improvising music
Paraffin Affiliates (Finland) - new wave of a free Jazz, Avant rock
Metamorphosis (Austria) – string Avant rock quartet
APosition Orchestra (St.Petertsburg) – free Jazz big band
Kuznets & Semanja (Belarus) – improvising music
Kolibri (St.Petertsburg) - all girl post modern impressionistic trio
Tequila Jazzz (St.Petertsburg) – modern rock in tracking of film «Strike» by S.Eisenstein
Skulpey (Czech) - Avant rock music
The Noise of Time (Czech) - Avant rock music
K.K.Null (Japan) – The experimental multi-instrumentalist K.K. Null played with the self-described "progressive hardcore trio" Zeni Geva, John Zorn, Steve Albini, the Boredoms' Seiichi Yamamoto, Jim O'Rourke, Merzbow, Fred Frith, James Plotkin, Keiji Haino, Otomo Yoshihide, Jon Rose
Tribal Massive Orchestra (St.Petertsburg) - acid Jazz
Solaris (St.Petertsburg) – art-prog rock with leading keyboard
Klever (St.Petertsburg) – improvising psychedelic music
Zhenja Glukk + Valerij Ivanov (St.Petertsburg) – Russian rock + opera singer
Nick Rock’n’Roll (Tjumen) – the king of Siberian punk rock
The Ear Thieves (Czech) - Avant rock music
Children of the Sun (St.Petertsburg) – totalitarian rock
Billy Dilly’s Band (St.Petertsburg) – cabaret trio
The union of Commercial Avant guarde (St.Petertsburg) - Avant rock music
Sokoloff Bros. (St.Petertsburg) - Avant rock music
Birdy’s Forest (St.Petertsburg) – melodic rock songs
Dr.Green (Lithuania) - ska
Coolhaven (Netherlands) – experimental electronic, improvising music
Rada & the Blackthorn (Moscow) – Russian rock
Les Halmas (Switzerland/Russia) – Avant guard trio
Reelroad (St.Petertsburg) – celtic-balkan-russian music
Fuckhead (Austria) – "The Swiss metal band mixes slow electronic rhythms with raging grindcore" - John Bush
Skafandr (St.Petertsburg) – instrumental blues rock
Vera Dorn Trio (St.Petertsburg) - improvising music
Polina Runovskaja (St.Petertsburg) - the Avant guard improvising vocal project
Levitation (St.Petertsburg) - improvising music + performance
Count Hortica (Moscow) – highly artistic provocative Russian chanson
Jay Denham (USA) - Detroit-area techno producer and DJ, founder of the Black Power label
DJ Nguba (St.Petertsburg) – DJ afrolatina
Sever Combo (St.Petertsburg) – Latin music
Tres Muchachos y companeros (St.Petertsburg) - afrolatina
Animal Jazz (St.Petertsburg) – modern rock music
Babslay (St.Petertsburg) – all girl Russian bizarre rock band

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