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23.May 2002
Actual art

Art becomes religion, religion becomes commodity
[Marta Jung]

Julia Kissina - AwakeOn May 25 at the Art-Frankfurt the Russian artist Julia Kissina will begin her action entitled "Awake": just like missionaries, artists will be selling "Wachturm" (Watch Tower), the propaganda magazine of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Kissina's idea is that such periodicals sold by fictive missionaries from the art world will be no less irrefutable, than the truth messages distributed by the genuine Jehovah's Witnesses.
Kissina explains her statement: in the world overcrowded with global messages each community announces its worldwide universal truth. Advertisement resembles the duty of a religious missionary. To this extent, an art activity is also related to such mission and spreads into foreign territories. On the Art-Frankfurt, a venue, where art forms itself professionally, sanctity becomes commodity. However, these commodities are radical and, like the „Wachturm", irrefutable.
Similarly, at the Art-Frankfurt the fictive missionaries will be selling irrefutable messages. The agents will hold the "Wachturm" brochure in their hands, offering it to the prospective customers interested in arts, as a kind of an art action. Of course, Kissina is not trying to say they can really compete with "real" works of art, but they do perform in good society though.

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